Boat Number Plates

Materials Needed:

Available at local marine supply store (Boater’s World, West Marine) or Home Center (Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace).
1.       MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) or Acetone.
2.       Clean rags
3.       Masking tape
4.       Nitrile gloves
5.       Stiff Bristle Paint Brush.
6.       100 Grit Sandpaper
Available only at Waypoint Enterprises or local marine supply store.
7.       Hypalon Adhesive. We recommend Polymarine One Part Inflatable Boat Hypalon Adhesive, Waypoint  ITEM #WM-9202,  
or any similar one or two part marine Hypalon adhesive.

How to Install the Plate: Can be applied Inflated or Deflated.

1.    Install your plate away from direct sunlight, humidity less than 70%, temperature 65-77F.
2.    Place plate in desired location and carefully trace with a pencil.
3.    Mask off the area where the plate is to be applied to help prevent getting MEK/Acetone and adhesive on the areas where
the plate will not be applied.
4.    Using 100 grit sandpaper, abrade/scuff the fabric on the boat.  
PLATES. Use caution to not cut into the threads under the coating.
 You just need to cut through the surface to allow the
solvent and adhesive to penetrate.  Wipe the surfaces with a clean rag to remove grit and residue.
5.    Scrub the surface of the boat and the back of the plate with MEK/Acetone applied to a clean rag.  Be sure to follow the
manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use of the MEK/Acetone.  For proper adhesion the areas must be thoroughly cleaned
and free of any old glue or other foreign material.

NOTE: Acetone evaporates much faster than MEK.
      To ensure proper cleaning, work in smaller areas and dampen rag more often.

6.    Wait 10 minutes.
7.    If necessary, a second cleaning may be required to ensure the areas are thoroughly cleaned.  Wait 10 minutes.

NOTE:  Steps 8-14 are designed for the use of Polymarine One Part Inflatable Boat Hypalon Adhesive. If another adhesive is
used, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the proper use.

8.   Using a stiff bristled brush, brush a thin layer of adhesive to the boat area and the back of the plate.  Be sure to follow the
manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use of the adhesive.
9.   Allow 20 minutes for the layer to dry.
10.   Brush a second thin layer of adhesive to the boat area and the back of the plate.
11.   Wait 5 minutes and apply the plate.  Start from one edge and slowly lay the plate onto the glued area.
12.  With the palm of your hand, firmly rub the plate starting from the center to the edges to ensure all air bubbles are
removed and a good bond is achieved.
13.  Wait at least 48 hours before use to ensure the adhesive is properly cured.
14.  Your plate is now installed and ready for use.

Notice to Purchaser – Limitation of Liability disclaims liability for any damages and bodily injury from failure to heed warnings on product labels and disclaims liability, in any
case for any consequential damages.  Since the use of materials is beyond the control of the Manufacturer, the Manufacturer shall not be responsible
for damages resulting from the use of any of the products.  Manufacturer’s warranty is limited to replacement of Plate or refund of purchase price on
goods proven defective.

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Hypalon Boat Installation Instructions
Easy to follow instructions included.
Port & Starboard - Guaranteed Legal.
Durable, Flexible, One-piece construction.
Choose the correct location
Trace around to mark off area.
Mask it off.
Clean the area and rough it up.
Glue it in place (adhesives not included).
Remove the masking tape
Stand back and admire - Show it off to your friends