"We take the work out of your play"
These lifting slings are ideal for boats that are stored on davits.
Two slings required for two arm davit systems.
May also be used for single point lifting with a halyard (single point systems require
that the two rings be connected by a length of line with an eye tied in the middle as
a lift point). May be used for three point lift systems to a single point.
Made of 1" UV resistant webbing, stainless steel quick-release snap shackles and
stainless O-ring. Breaking strength of 3000 lbs. (All sizes based on the length of
webbing on one leg.)  Sold as shown - 2 legs connected by one ring.

   13" Davit Sling      Waypoint Price      $67.79

   15" Davit Sling      Waypoint Price      $68.79

   17" Davit Sling      Waypoint Price      $70.79

   21" Davit Sling      Waypoint Price      $72.79
If it seems like your legs are getting shorter, let C-Level give you a Step-UpTM into your
boat, that is!

This unique boarding step is safer and easier to use than taking a 'big jump'. And
thanks to the soft poly-webbing covering, it will never scratch your boat.

A Step-Up comes complete with two adjustable 4' lengths of rope to hang conveniently
from your stanchions, boarding gate, or slotted toe rail, and rest against the side of
your boat.
Make your sail-handling a breeze - - use Sail-SnapsTM. No more knot-tying as they SNAP
together in an instant.
Sail-Snaps are made of strong poly-webbing and acetyl side-squeeze buckles for quick,
secure fastening. Makes for easier tie-ups of flaked or rolled sails - -main or headsails.
Each set of 4 straps is enough to fit an average sized Mainsail. There are two 6'straps and
two 8' long straps that are easily cut to length.
Available in 4-Packs of Mixed colors:
(1 each of Black, Blue, White(replaces Red), Green), Black or White.
Our Towing-Bridle offers more stable and secure towing of Inflatables and tenders than with
ordinary line. It is designed for boats having two towing rings ... this gives the towing stability.
The 3,800 lbs. test RED nylon webbing has built-in shock absorption which takes the strain
off the towing rings. A bright yellow float prevents the bridle from sinking and fouling props.
All hardware is stainless steel.
Bridle is 6’ long from the Towing Ring to the Snap Hooks. By attaching your own towing line
to the Towing Ring and routing to both stern cleats, you will effectively be towing in an ‘X’ -
type manner, which is
the safest for your inflatable.
Waypoint Price     $49.99
Outboard MotorTote
The original and still the Best! The EasyLift® Motor Tote provides the safest motor lifting
harness available today! Strong polyester webbing and acetal snap buckles assure fast and
easy attachment. Can be permanently left on the motor - it will not interfere with motor
operation!!! Our harness straps are 50 % wider than the competition, and therefore much
stronger in our Universal model. EasyLift® has the only harness for those heavier, larger
four stroke motors that weigh over 100 lbs. -- our Heavy Duty model!
Universal model
- for 2 to 15 hp motors, under 100 lbs

Heavy duty model
- for 15 to 30hp motors, up to 150 lbs

Super Heavy Duty model    
-for motors over 30 hp - up to 400 lbs
Waypoint Price    $43.99
Waypoint Price    $31.99
A Step-Up
Waypoint Price     $56.99
Universal Dinghy-Lift
The Universal model Dinghy-LiftTM was designed to make lifting a dinghy an easy task. It makes
maintenance simple and offers great overnight security. This is the only way to lift those new Air
Floor boats and others with NO lifting eyes built-in!
Three attachment straps (2" nylon webbing) and stainless hoisting ring make dinghy-lifting easy
using only a halyard. After winching the dinghy up over the lifelines, it can then be conveniently
lowered to deck for storage.
Strong enough to lift RIBS, too. Safe working load is 350lbs. Fits most inflatables up to 14' with
tubes less than 21".
Waypoint Price      $73.29
Dinghy-Lift for Davits
The Dinghy-LiftTM for Davits is specifically designed as a lifting harness for Inflatables to be
raised/stored by a set of davits. It features two-lifting points, and four adjustable (from 1O to 24")
nylon-webbing legs. Each leg is fitted with stainless adjusting buckles to help balance the boat
when lifting, and stainless snap hooks for attaching to your boats' lifting eyes.
Each lifting harness includes a 10' - long Retainer Strap which adjusts to help steady boat while
lifting or when underway.
The 3,800 lb. break-strength webbing gives a safe working load of 400 lbs. and will not scratch or
harm inflatable fabrics as wire harnesses do.
Waypoint Price      $95.99
Dinghy-Lift XL Series
The XL - Series of Dinghy-LiftTM truly can do double duty. They can be used for lifting an Inflatable by
either a one-point system (i.e. halyard or crane) or by a two-point system (i.e. double davits).
Two models work for boats with either 3 (XL-3) or 4 (XL-4) internal lifting eyes for attachment, particularly
RIBs. Each of the legs has adjustable, stainless buckles to help you balance the load.
Strong (3,800 lb. test) 1" nylon webbing is used on all legs of the harness, replacing old-fashioned wire
legs, but will not corrode or chafe hull. All hardware is stainless steel, including the snap hooks. Safe
working load of 450 lbs.
XL-3     Waypoint Price      $88.99
XL-4     Waypoint Price     $108.99
Waypoint Price      $17.29
Lightweight, portable and non-chafing, Sea - Steps®
are a step ahead in ease of use. Strong 4" cargo
webbing provides secure soft cradles for your feet
when climbing back on board. Comes with 5'of line to
attach to cleats, stanchions, etc., and the qrab-handle
will steady your climb.
Guaranteed not to scratch or mar any boat surface -
even Inflatable fabrics!
Models to fit any sized boat:
Great for Inflatables!
1 Step model      Waypoint Price     $31.99

2 Step model      Waypoint Price     $40.99

3 Step model      Waypoint Price     $52.99
Davit Slings
Waypoint Price    $59.99
With a maximum safe working load of 1,000lbs., this RIB lifting sling is ideally suited for the
larger, heavier RIB inflatables of today.  This RIB lifting sling can easily lift inflatables up to 15’ in
length.  It comes in a three-legged sling, but is also available in a four-legged model if your RIB
has four lifting points.  Each leg is adjustable to allow for a range of sizes and lift points on a
variety of boats.  This sling includes snap shackles, 1 large round lifting ring, three (HD RIB 3) or
four (HD RIB 4) heavy-duty D-Shackles, one (HD RIB 3) or two (HD RIB 4) Bow legs 78” long, and
two stern legs 48” long.  All metal hardware is stainless steel.
HD RIB Slings
3-leg sling     Waypoint Price      $218.49
4-leg sling     Waypoint Price      $320.99
Don’t fall in a squall!  Our Galley Belt keeps you upright and ready in the galley or
cockpit area when necessary.  High seas and windy conditions will not toss you about
the cabin thanks to our comfortable 4” wide “gale force” webbing.
Has an ‘inner belt’ that snaps around your waist and prevents the entire belt from
sliding down behind your knees when not tensioned.
Has brass snap hooks and slide adjusters offer fitting convenience for any sized galley,
or crewmember!  
Waypoint Price      $37.79
Galley/Safety Belt
Our Jacklines are made to excess - - of ORC requirements, that is 1” wide, 6,000lb.
Break-strength, UV resistant, nylon webbing (in a bright RED color for visibility in ugly
conditions) is sewn to a 3” snap hook on one end.  The bitter end is then used for
securing around a mooring cleat.  Available in 3 sizes:

Our Safety Harness Tether is also built to exceed ORC regs.  We use 6’ of the same
strong, RED webbing as our jacklines, then lock-stitch a 3” stainless snap hook at both
ends—one to snap to your chest harness and one to snap around your jackline.  
30' Jackline      Waypoint Price    $53.99

40' Jackline      Waypoint Price    $63.49

50' Jackline      Waypoint Price    $74.99
Tether      Waypoint Price      $49.99
Jacklines and Tether
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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.:   Shipping charges for orders outside of the Continental U.S. will be billed
separately.  International shipping is based on weight, size and destination country and are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail,
unless requested otherwise or is prohibited by size or weight.
Twist Sail Ties
Nylon Sail Tie
20Ft. Sail Tie

■  Our 20’ blue sail tie is made of strong tubular nylon.  

■  Easily cut to proper size to replace old worn sail ties
Waypoint Price      $18.49
Strong tubular nylon webbing ties have a sewn loop on one end with a twist that    
keeps the eye open to make tying your knot a breeze!
All sail ties are color coded so you can easily select the size you need!  
Available in 5' (blue), 7" (red) or 9' (black).  Sold in Pairs
5' long Blue       Waypoint Price     $13.29

7' long Red        Waypoint Price     $15.29

9' long Black      Waypoint Price     $16.49