Navigation begins with the right compass
VENTURE COMPASS - bulkhead mount
Venture SR-2
CAT. NO. RI31155
Our Price  $196.99
Ritchie Sport compasses - bracket mount
X-10-A (gray-larger dial)
X-10-M (gray)
Sport X-10-A        CAT. NO. RI13045    Our Price  $40.99

Sport X-10-M        CAT. NO. RI10341    Our Price  $40.99

Sport X-10B-M      CAT. NO. RI36525    Our Price  $40.99

Sport X-10W-M     CAT. NO. RI36526    Our Price  $40.99
Ritchie Sport compasses - dash mount
Sport X-21BB               Our Price  $49.99
CAT. NO. RI33050
Sport X-21BU              
Our Price   $49.99
CAT. NO. RI33051
Sport X-21WW              
Our Price  $49.99
CAT. NO, RI33052
Explorer Compasses - flush mount
Explorer F-50             Our Price  $67.99
CAT. NO. RI10351
Explorer F-50W          
Our Price  $67.99
CAT. NO. RI10353
Explorer Compasses - bracket mount
Explorer B-51    CAT. NO. RI10354      Our Price  $67.99

Explorer B-51W   CAT. NO. RI13984    Our Price  $67.99
Explorer Compasses - surface mount
Explorer S-53             Our Price  $67.99
CAT. NO. RI10355
Explorer S-53G          
Our Price  $67.99
CAT. NO. RI16105
Explorer S-53W          
Our Price  $67.99
CAT. NO. RI36540
S-53G (gray)
S-53 (black)
Explorer Compasses - dash mount
Explorer V57.2           Our Price  $66.99
CAT. NO. RI14672
Explorer V57W.2        
Our Price  $66.99
CAT. NO. RI10357
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X-10B-M (black)
X-10W-M (white)
FLUSH MOUNT,    2-3/4" Dial     
For powerboats up to 24 feet


Boat style:             Powerboats up to 24 ft.
Dial Size/Design:    2-3/4" Easy reading
Night lighting:         12V Night Illumination
Viewing:                 Adjustable to 30 degrees
Compensators:      Built-in
Mounting Hole:      3" (7.62 cm)
                           5 year
Shipping Wt.:         1 lb.
V-537B (blue dial)
V-537W (white dial)
V-537B (back dial)
Explorer V-537      CAT. NO. RI36538   Our Price  $68.99

Explorer V-537B    CAT. NO. RI36537   Our Price  $68.99

Explorer V-537W    CAT. NO. RI36539   Our Price  $68.99
S-53W (white)
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