12vdc Bravo Superturbo BST 12 high-Volume Electric Inflator
This is the only pump to have if your inflatable has an inflatable floor.  "Topping
Off" is no longer necessary with this pump. Built with sound absorbent materials to
reduce noise.
  • Compact and light weight.
  • High air flow: 500 l/min
  • Adjustable pressure up to 800 mBar (11.7 psi)
  • Low current consumption: max 10A at12V.
  • Automatic stop when the chosen pressure is reached.
Reliable: the combined "turbine & piston" allows elimination of parts which are
subjected to wear and tear. It can inflate and deflate
Complete with connectors. Battery clips only.
Compare at $199.99 at West Marine.
Waypoint Price         $169.99
Hand Held Air Gauge, (or may be attached to inflation hose), designed to measure
up 14.7 psi.  Use anytime for proper inflation or quick checks while your inflatable is
sitting in the direct sunlight, or on a hot beach.  May be used alone or in-line with
pump.  Includes set of valve adapter rings
Compare at $40.00 or more in your local marine store or catalog.
Waypoint Price         $19.99
Bravo 2 Medium-Duty Foot Pump
Professional Version Foot Air Pump.  6.5 liter capacity medium duty air inflator.  This
high quality air pump is suitable for all but the very largest inflatables.  Complete
with universal inflator kit.  Provides pressure up to 4.4 psi (0,3 bar).
Compare at $60.00 or more in your local marine store.
Bravo 9 or Bravo 10 HP Heavy-Duty Foot Pump
The BRAVO 9/10 HP double chamber pump will inflate very easily all fabric or
rubberized boats, including high pressure floors. The BRAVO 10 HP foot pump is
specifically designed to provide the higher pressures that inflatable floors require.
It has 4 anti-slip feet for greater stability and is constructed from heavy duty
components.  Provides pressure up to 14.7 psi (1,0 bar). The Bravo 9 pump is
identical in function and may be substituted depending on inventory.
Compare at $80.00 or more in your local marine store.
Waypoint Price         $34.99
Waypoint Price         $69.99
Bravo 4-ALU  Heavy-Duty, High Volume Hand Pump
-Heavy duty, double action, hand canister pump, designed for professional use.       
-Reduced Effort Device: automatic switch from double action into single action
over 400 mbar in order to reduce the effort at higher pressures.
-Has anti-sand inlet;  It inflates and deflates
-Double-action canister pump, diameter 4", aluminum handle shaft. Can inflate with
pressure from 400 mbar to 800 mbar (11.6 psi).
Compare at $100.00 or more in your local marine store.
Waypoint Price         $59.99
Air Pumps and Accessories
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Halkey-Roberts Fill Adapter
Hard to find fill adaptor for Halkey-Roberts air valves. Fits both long and short body
valves. A quick twist and this will lock in for a sure fit and easy inflation. New model
shown has barb fitting for two sizes of air hose.
Waypoint Price         $6.99
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.:   Shipping charges for orders outside of the Continental U.S. will be billed
separately.  International shipping is based on weight, size and destination country and are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail, unless
requested otherwise or is prohibited by size or weight.