Inflatable Boat Ladder

  • Contour design hugs the hull for side boarding
  • Attaches to floorboards with 3/8" (.95cm) line and swivel snap
  • Vinyl sleeve will not mar hull fabric
  • Durable 1" (3cm) diameter Anodized aluminum tube.
  • Comfortable molded white poly step.

2 step:  17” (43cm) L, 13.5” (34cm) W.
Boarding Steps & Ladders
Waypoint Price   $109.99
If it seems like your legs are getting shorter, let C-Level give you a Step-UpTM into your
boat, or into your inflatable!

This unique boarding step is safe and easy to use. Makes getting into your dinghy
from the water look easy!  And thanks to the soft poly-webbing covering, it will never
scratch your boat. Folds up small, and is easy to store.

A Step-Up comes complete with two adjustable 4' lengths of rope to hang conveniently
from your stanchions, boarding gate, or slotted toe rail, and rest against the side of
your boat, inflatable or dinghy.
A Step-Up
Waypoint Price        $56.99
Lightweight, portable and non-chafing, Sea - Steps®
are a step ahead in ease of use. Strong 4" cargo
webbing provides secure soft cradles for your feet
when climbing back on board. Comes with 5'of line to
attach to cleats, stanchions, etc., and the qrab-handle
will steady your climb.
Guaranteed not to scratch or mar any boat surface -
even Inflatable fabrics!
Models to fit any sized boat:
Great for Inflatables!
1 Step model              Waypoint Price       $33.99

2 Step model              Waypoint Price       $41.99

3 Step model              Waypoint Price       $54.99
QuickStep™ Portable Boarding Steps
QuickStep™ is the ideal dinghy boarding step - compact and easy to store - small
enough to fit in any compartment or storage bag.

The width and depth generous enough for all foot sizes, but unlike many boating
steps, the depth of QuickStep™ is comfortable even for bare feet. The width is
enough to accommodate a large boot, but not so wide that its difficult to center
your weight.
QuickStep™ is a great emergency step - easy to grab - quick to secure - able to
work in a variety of areas on or around your boat. An excellent boarding aid for
everyday use.

QuickStep™ requires little or no maintenance. It is easily adjusted to a variety of
heights. Lines contour to your application when applied as directed. Properly
used, QuickStep™ will increase your boating safety, comfort, and enjoyment.

QuickStep I (one step)

QuickStep II (two step)
Waypoint Price   $43.99
Waypoint Price   $59.99
A Step-Up
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