Inland Marine Inflatable Topside Paint
Inland Marine Top Side Paint® is specially formulated to have the elasticity and UV resistance required for use
with inflatable boats. Because inflatable boats expand in the hot sun and contract at night in the cooler
temperatures, constantly flexing, ordinary paint or vinyl stick-on numbers will not stay on an inflatable boat for
more than a few weeks. But we don't stop there! We mix our Sealant in our Top Side Paint to further enhance the
airtight integrity of your inflatable.
Inland Marine Top Side Paint is available in Red, Yellow, Royal Blue, Grey, Black or White. (With changing weather
conditions in many areas boaters frequent, Red or Yellow makes it easy to find your dinghy at the dinghy dock if a
"Rum Front" comes through while you're ashore.)
TEAR-AID Inflatable Repair Patches
Repair holes and tears instantly on almost any surface with this elastic
peel-and-stick, see-thru patch. Unique adhesive forms an extreme bond that
stretches and recovers without pulling off. Durable, flexible, airtight, watertight,
puncture-resistant. Protects against abrasion, moisture, salt water, UV sunlight and
extreme temperatures. Kits contain one 3" x 12" patch, one 7/8" x 7/8" patch, one 1
3/8" x 1 3/8" patch, 12" reinforcement filament (for repairing tears at edges), two
alcohol prep pads and instructions.   Choose from two types:

Type A for use on hypalon, canvas, rubber, neoprene, most plastics, nylon,
non-oiled leather and metal surfaces.

Type B for use on PVC, vinyl and vinyl-coated materials only.
PVC and Hypalon 1-part Adhesive
High-strength patching adhesive formulated for PVC or Hypalon. Includes one 70ml tube.
PVC Repair Kit
PVC glue, fabric for repair (4 1/2" x 8 1/2"), and directions. Repair fabric available in
many colors. These kits are a necessity if you own an inflatable boat or other
inflatable product.  
     Compare at $20.00 or more in your local marine store.
Waypoint Price         $8.95
Select Color
PVC and Hypalon 2-part Adhesive
High-strength patching adhesive formulated for PVC or Hypalon. Includes one
250ml bottle plus hardner in a resealable metal can.
PVC   Waypoint Price        $39.99
Hypalon   Waypoint Price         $39.99
Waypoint Price       $11.99
Waypoint Price        $11.99
PVC   Waypoint Price        $19.99
Hypalon   Waypoint Price        $19.99
Inflatable Boat Maintenance Products
Marykate Inflatable Boat Cleaner
Unlike most other inflatable boat cleaners, Marykate Inflatable Boat Cleaner  
contains no petroleum distillates that damage inflatable boat materials. This is the
cleaner used by many inflatable boat      manufacturers and inflatable dealers. It is   
inflammable, biodegradable, and super easy to use: just spray down the inflatable,  
wipe it down with a wet rag, and rinse.
   32oz. spray bottle          $12.99
303 Aerospace Protectant
This is the maintenance product manufacturers recommend most. Only `303’
beautifies as intensely protects as powerfully or lasts as long. Powerful UV
screening protection for colored gel-coat, fiberglass, inflatable boats, vinyl,
clear vinyl (isinglass) windows, rubber, plastics & leather. Spray on/wipe dry.
Treated surfaces repel dirt, soiling, staining, water spots, salt water and mildew.
Non-toxic & environmentally safe.
16oz. spray bottle            $13.99
32oz. refill                         $21.99
Inland Marine Inflatable Boat Sealant
Inland Marine Sealant® is specially formulated for use with inflatable boats, rafts and tow toys. This sealant forms
a bond with the interior fabric of the inflatable stopping or "sealing" slow leaks and inhibits future leaks from
developing. In one easy step, leaks are cured from the inside which are virtually impossible to find from the
outside. Inland Marine Sealant is the only product of its kind which allows for future deflation of your inflatable
(for storage, etc.) without the skin sticking to itself and making re-inflation virtually impossible. This is why Inland
Marine Sealant has a 5-Star product rating, is used by the US Navy and Yachters worldwide since 1986.
Inland Marine Liquid Rubber
Inland Marine Liquid Rubber® is truly a unique breakthrough in the rubber field. For the first time we are able to get 100%
pure EPDM rubber in liquid form to cure without vulcanizing. With the consistency of honey, Liquid Rubber "paints" on to form
a seamless, leakproof membrane of pure rubber. Available in black, gray, white, or black, one quart will renew a 10 foot boat
with a coating 5-7 mils thick when applied according to the easy to follow instructions (50 sq. ft./qt.). (If you can paint a wall,
you can do this.)
Liquid Rubber truly renews and restores your boat to its new condition, even if your boat has lost some of its outer skin and
even if the fabric is showing through. Use Inland Marine Liquid Rubber to spot repair or reinforce those heavy wear spots
before they wear through, or re-skin the entire boat with Liquid Rubber to add years of serviceability to your boat.  SOLD IN
Quart    Waypoint Price       $54.99
Quart   Waypoint Price         $39.99
Quart    Waypoint Price       $31.99
Pint      Waypoint Price       $18.99
Inflatable Boat Numbering Kit

Inland Marine Numbering/Stencil Kits Meets US Coast Guard requirements.  Rename or apply a custom message
to your dinghy. [Our favorite is  "If Found Return Captain to (Boats Name)".] Each kit contains a complete set of 3
inch high stencils with all numbers and letters, a brush and our special paint in your choice of colors (red, yellow,
blue, gray, black and white).
Kit    Waypoint Price       $11.99
Inland Marine Restoration Kit

Inland Marine's Inflatable Restoration Kit has enough material to restore a 10' inflatable boat (if instructions are
followed carefully!).  Kit includes 1 quart of Sealant, 1 quart of Liquid Rubber, 1 black numbering/stencil kit and 1
quart of Top Side Paint (kit available in white, black or gray.
Kit    Waypoint Price       $128.99
Nautical Ease Inflatable Boat Prep/Cleaner
cleans and prepares your inflatable boat for best bonding of protective coatings.  Any time a topcoat of any type
is applied to an inflatable boat, preparing the surface properly is the critical step! Unless ALL dirt, stains,
oxidation, grease, and all foreign materials or prior coatings are completely removed, no topcoating will adhere
properly. Nautical Ease Prep/Cleaner will do the job!   Nautical Ease Cleaner is safe for all boat surfaces such as
Hypalon, PVC/Urethane and Neoprene.  Our cleaner dissolves dirt, grease, the white oxidation on red and other
color inflatables, even diesel exhaust smudge.  Contains no silicones or petroleum distillates, two chemicals
that should NEVER be used on inflatable boats. One quart makes 2 gallons. When used for ongoing cleaning and
maintenance the cleaner can be further diluted for effectively cleaning not only your inflatable boat but also
canvas and other boat surfaces.
32 oz.   Waypoint Price       $14.99
Nautical Ease Inflatable Boat Protector
The most innovative protectant for all brands of inflatable boats available today.  Safe for all PVC and Hypalon
fabric.  This product contains no silicones or petroleum distillates which are two chemicals that should NEVER
inflatables as well as protect seams.  It also makes future clean up easier as the pores are sealed so the dirt
does not penetrate as easily.

One 8oz bottle will cover a 10ft inflatable boat at least 2 times, which is the recommended application.
Waypoint Price       $12.99
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.:   Shipping charges for orders outside of the Continental U.S. will be billed
separately.  International shipping is based on weight, size and destination country and are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail,
unless requested otherwise or is prohibited by size or weight.
Starbrite Mildew Remover
Removes mildew stains on contact
Works like magic.  Simple spray on
Use on headliners, vinyl covers,
cushions.  There are many mildew
stain removers on the market. Once
you use this you will see it is the
best by far.

16 oz. spray bottle           $9.99