Red/green bow light w/C-clamp mounting bracket (suction cup shown)

Red/green bow light w/glue on mount (quick pin release) for inflatable boats

White, all-around stern light w/C-clamp mounting bracket, 24" pole

White, all-around stern light w/suction cup mount
Waypoint Price         $29.99
Waypoint Price         $26.99
Waypoint Price        $29.99
Waypoint Price        $29.99

These battery powered navigation lights are for boats 22' and under in length.  They use LEDs for extreme brightness, low
power consumption and extended reliability.  They are watertight and buoyant and rated for speeds under 8 knots.  The
lights are powered by 4 AA batteries (not included), and have a push-button power switch.  Units measure 2.56" D. x 6.50"L.
Portable LED navigation lights for inflatables
and small boats
Lighting and Electrical
Battery Boxes
All battery boxes meet ABYC standard E-10 and US Coast Guard
Specification Number 183.420 as an OEM-installed battery hold-down
system. Polypropylene construction for total acid resistance. Hold-down
straps resist 350 lbs. of force, nearly four times the USCG requirement.
Battery Boxes are drop tested in temperatures ranging from -20º F to +120° F.
               A Note About Small Outboard Starting Batteries:
Outboard motors with electric start - up to 25 hp, do not require a full-sized marine battery.  Although
many dealers will recommend a PWC battery, which are expensive, a good choice for this purpose is a
lawn & tractor battery (size U1).  These are available at most retail outlets and cost about 1/3 the cost of
a PWC battery.  Also, they weigh only 14-16 lbs.  Be sure, however to select a battery with at least 275
cranking amps.  We carry the hard-to-find battery boxes for U1 batteries, below.
Group U1     inside 8.25"x5.4"x7.87"         Waypoint Price        $13.49
Group 24     inside 10.25"x7"x8.37"          Waypoint Price        $14.99
Group 27     inside 13.5"x7.63"x8.37"       Waypoint Price        $15.99
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.:   Shipping charges for orders outside of the Continental U.S. will be billed
separately.  International shipping is based on weight, size and destination country and are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail,
unless requested otherwise or is prohibited by size or weight.

White, all-around stern light w/glue on mount (quick pin release) for inflatable       
Waypoint Price        $26.99