Nauticus trim tabs are completely automatic requiring no operator adjustment while underway.

The nitrogen Gas Actuator provides LIFT at the stern of the boat by holding the trim plate down during acceleration. The
amount of LIFT is determined by the actuator load rating and the trim plate adjustment, which is done at the time of
installation.  (see installation instruction).
Nauticus trim tabs start in a downward angel to maximize lift at slow speeds.
As the boat accelerates, the water pushes up on the trim plates providing lift
to the stern which minimizes bow rise, and allows the boat to plane quickly.

Once the water pressure exceeds the actuator load rating (maximum lift) the
trim plates move up to a horizontal position eliminating any drag.
Before Smart Tabs
After Smart Tabs
Even when cruising SMART TABS continue to work like shock absorbers.
The constant adjustment to sea conditions allow SMART TABS to provide
remarkable stability in turns, while crossing waves, while cruising, and
while running at maximum speeds. No more sliding, porpoising, or chine
The unique system is the only one of its kind in the industry. The internal valve system is truly
"smart" in its design of controlling you boats performance.

It will reduce the minimum planing speed by 33%, provide a level, more comfortable ride at lower
speeds and improve economy, handling and safety

As the boat speed increases, the water pressure also increases. Once the water pressure
exceeds the Actuator load rating (maximum LIFT period) the trim plates begin to move upward
until they are horizontal with the bottom of the boat.

The internal valve system dampens the trim plate movement wich eliminates any instant
reaction to minor water pressure variances. Nauticus trim tabs provide smooth and
undetectable reaction to boat speed creating a level, more comfortable ride at lower speeds.

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