SeaTalk Overview
SeaTalk is a precise, high-speed protocol which combines information and power to link together any number of instruments without routing through one vulnerable central processor.  This gives
Raymarine products unprecedented multi-use capabilities.  At the same time, Raymarine products are also able to use NMEA 0183 protocol to further enhance your navigation options.

With Raymarine you pay no premium for SeaTalk.  Each product in the range is a powerful, stand-alone unit in its own right.  The beauty of SeaTalk is that you can expand your electronics whenever you
want - linking instruments to instruments, to GPS, to autopilots, to radars, to chartpoltters.  Whether it's a Raymarine solo, set or a full onboard system, you know that Raymarine is with you all the way.
SeaTalk Connecting Cables
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
1M Cable
3M Cable
5M Cable
9M Cable
20M Cable
NOTE:  There is a 10% re-stocking charge for cancelled or returned merchandise

Flat style, 3-pin molded
connectors on each end.
Raymarine SeaTalk Junction Block

Junction block with 3 SeaTalk sockets.
Cat. No. RM14073
Mfgr. No. D244
Our Price  $27.99
Raymarine SeaTalkNG Backbone Cable Kit (Blue)
The SeaTalkng Backbone kit contains everything you need to
construct and wire a basic SeaTalkng navigation network backbone
on board your vessel.
The kit contains the following components:
  • A06031 SeaTalkng Terminators (Qty. 2)
  • A06037 Backbone Cable, 20m
  • A06036 Backbone Cable, 5m (Qty. 2)
  • A06028 T-Piece (Qty. 4)
  • A06049 Network Power Cable
  • 81300 SeaTalkng Reference Manual
Cat. No. RM31320
Mfgr. No. A25062
Our Price  $255.99
Raymarine SeaTalk Highspeed Patch Cable 5M

Raymarine SeaTalk Highspeed Patch Cable 5M
Cat. No. RM32973
Mfgr. No. E06055
Our Price  $89.99
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORDERS FROM OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.:   Shipping charges for orders outside of the Continental U.S. will be billed separately.  International shipping is
based on weight, size and destination country and are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail, unless requested otherwise or is prohibited by size or weight.
SeaTalk hs Network Cables
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
1.5M Cable
5M Cable
10M Cable
20M Cable
Raymarine SeaTalk hs network
cables provide waterproof,
reliable, high-speed connections
between E-Series components.
Raymarine A62245 SeaTalk High Speed Dual End
Weatherproof Cable
Cat. No. RM35940
Mfgr. No. A62245
Our Price  $59.99
Raymarine SeaTalk 2 10M Cable
Cat. No. RM34015
Mfgr. No. E25038
Our Price  $59.99
SeaTalkNG T-Piece Connector. Used for connecting white
SeaTalkNG Spur Cables to Blue SeaTalkNG Backbone Cables.
Cat. No. RM33066
Mfgr. No. A06028
Our Price  $21.99
RayNet to RJ45 Male Cables
RayNet network cables are for connecting the Digital Sounder Module (DSM) sonar, SR100 Sirius Weather Receiver and additional
compatible Raymarine Multifunction Displays.  The RayNet connector is used for connecting Raymarine network switches and
SeaTalkhs devices to the multifunction display via RayNet cables. Also required for connecting a crossover coupler if only one
device is being connected to the display's Network connector.
Backbone Cables for SeaTalkNG
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
400mm Cable
1m Cable
3m Cable
5m Cable
9m Cable
20m Cable
SeaTalkNG Backbone Extender for extending blue SeaTalkNG
Backbone Cables.
Cat. No. RM33067
Mfgr. No. A06030
Our Price  $17.99
SeaTalkNG Terminators attach at each end of SeaTalk backbone.
Two are required per system.
Cat. No. RM33068
Mfgr. No. A06031
Our Price  $12.99
Raymarine Blanking Plug f/SeaTalk NG
Cat. No. RM33069
Mfgr. No. A06032
Our Price  $8.99
5-way SeaTalkNG Connector used for connecting spurs to the
Cat. No. RM33175
Mfgr. No. A06064
Our Price  $29.99
Raymarine Spur Cables for SeaTalk NG
Cat. No. RM33168
Mfgr. No. A06044
Our Price  $34.99
Raymarine 1M Stripped End Spur Cable for SeaTalkNG
Cat. No. RM33167
Mfgr. No. A06043
Our Price  $30.99
Raymarine 400MM Elbow Spur Cable for SeaTalkNG
Cat. No. RM33166
Mfgr. No. A06042  
Our Price  $26.99
Raymarine 3M Stripped End Spur Cable for SeaTalkNG
Raymarine Power Cable for SeaTalkNG
Cat. No. RM33173
Mfgr. No. A06049
Our Price  $21.99
Raymarine Adapter Cable SeaTalk 2 to SeaTalkNG
Cat. No. RM33172
Mfgr. No. A06048
Our Price  $17.99
Raymarine Adapter Cable SeaTalk (1) to SeaTalkNG
Cat. No. RM33171
Mfgr. No. A06047
Our Price  $17.99
Raymarine Devicenet Male ADP Cable SeaTalkNG to NMEA
Cat. No. RM33170
Mfgr. No. A06046
Our Price  $29.99
Raymarine In-Line SeaTalkng Terminator
In-Line SeaTalk-ng Terminator f/Long Cable Runs
Cat. No. RM46264
Mfgr. No. A80001
Our Price  $17.99
Raymarine RayNet to RayNet Cables
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
2M Cable
5M Cable
10M Cable
20M Cable
Raymarine RayNet to RayNet
Cable for e & c Series
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
1M Cable
3M Cable
10M Cable
Cat. No.
Mfgr. No.
400mm Cable
1m Cable
3m Cable
5m Cable
3m RayNet (F) to STHS (M) Cable
R3M Cable connect DSM30 or DSM300 to the new a, c, e
Cat. No. RM51291
Mfgr. No. A80276
Our Price  $69.99
Items with an asterisk (*) are special order items.  Will require additional time for delivery.
SeaTalkhs Crossover Coupler
For networking only two devices, choose the SeaTalkhs crossover
coupler.The Raymarine SeaTalkhs Crossover coupler provides a
secure, waterproof means to join together SeaTalkhs Ethernet
cables with RJ45 male connections.The Crossover Coupler is also
handy when adapting SeaTalkhs devices like radar scanners for
direct-connection to new generation multifunction displays.Use it
along with the A62360 RayNet to RJ45 adapter to create a
direct-connect RayNet plug.
Cat. No. RM16532
Mfgr. No. E55060
Our Price  $21.99
400mm RayNet (M) to STHS (M) Adapter Cable
RayNet (M) To STHS (M) Adapter 400mm Connect Classic or
Wide to RayNet Radars
Cat. No. RM51293
Mfgr. No. A80272
Our Price  $55.99
Cat. No. RM33169
Mfgr. No. A06045
Our Price  $29.99
Devicenet Female ADP Cable - SeaTalkng - NMEA 2000
Adapts SeaTalkng to NMEA2000 network.
For use with E & C Series Widescreen, G Series, and ST70
Female: 15.7" (0.4m)
HS5 SeaTalkhs Network Switch
The HS5 uses the new Raynet waterproof connection system found
on c-Series and e-Series displays, and provides a secure, reliable
weather tight connection. Up to 5 displays or other peripherals can
be connected directly to the HS5 network switch. The 5 ports all
support 10 or 100 Megabit speeds when connected to peripherals
like displays, scanners, sounder modules or thermal cameras. The
5th port also supports Gigabit speed for interconnecting multiple HS5
switches together on very large networks.

The compact HS5 works on both 12V and 24V dc power systems,
and is simple to install with large keyhole mounting slots and
front-facing status indicators.
Cat. No. RM44691
Mfgr. No. A80007
Our Price  $269.99
Raymarine A62245 SeaTalk High Speed Dual End
Weatherproof Cable
Cat. No. RM35940
Mfgr. No. A62245
Our Price  $59.99
SeaTalkng to DeviceNet Female Adapter Cable - 1M

Adapts SeaTalkng to NMEA2000 network.
Cat. No. RM66105
Mfgr. No.A06075
Our Price  $31.99
SeaTalkng to DeviceNet Male Adapter Cable - 1M

Adapts SeaTalkng to NMEA2000 network.
Cat. No. RM66106
Mfgr. No.A06076
Our Price  $31.99
Raymarine SeaTalk 1 to SeaTalkng Converter Kit

The SeaTalk 1 to Seatalkng converter allows select SeaTalk 1 devices to interface and communicate on the Raymarine
SeaTalkng data network. It is compatible with legacy ST40, ST60+, Raystar 125 GPS sensors and LifeTag Wireless Man
Overboard Systems. The SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Converter kit is a compact solution that connects in-line with the SeaTalkng
instrument network.

The converter kit includes all of the necessary components to interface to SeaTalk 1 devices, and establish basic SeaTalkng
connectivity on the vessel including:
  • SeaTalk 1 to SeaTalkng converter
  • SeaTalkng Terminators (x2)
  • SeaTalkng Blanking Plugs (x2)
  • 400mm (15") SeaTalk 1 to SeaTalkng converter cable
  • SeaTalkng power cable
  • 1m (3.3') SeaTalkng spur cable
Cat. No. RM44722
Mfgr. No. E22158
Our Price  $88.99
iTC-5 Instrument Transducer Converter
The iTC5 Instrument Transducer Converter enables the use of common analog transducer signals with new digital instrument
displays like Raymarine's i70 and ST70 Plus. The ultra-compact iTC5 has connections to host the five most common analog
transducers; depth, speed/temperature, wind, compass and rudder. The iTC5 instantly converts these 5 analog signals to
digital SeaTalkng protocol.
In addition to providing analog-to-digital conversion, the iTC5 provides all of the necessary power and communications
connections to the transducers. The iTC5 eliminates the need for expensive "smart" transducers or individual instrument
pods. Complete control for calibration and alarms is performed through the i70 or ST70 Plus instruments.
The iTC5 connects to Raymarine's SeaTalkng network and works with most analog transducers from legacy Raymarine
ST30, ST40, ST50, ST60, ST80 and ST290 series instruments. Additionally the iTC5 works with Raymarine fluxgate
compass modules as well as rotary and linear rudder feedback transducers to support compass heading and rudder angle

  • All-in-one analog to digital converter for depth, speed/temperature, wind, compass and rudder transducers
  • Outputs SeaTalkng and NMEA2000 data to digital instruments, MFDs and more
  • Enables easy upgrade of legacy analog instrument displays without replacing transducers
  • SeaTalkng network provides all necessary power and data connections
  • Ideal for use with Raymarine i70 and ST70 Plus digital instrument systems  
Cat. No. RM44938
Mfgr. No. E70010
Our Price  $236.99
Raymarine SeaTalkng Starter Kit

SeaTalkng is a robust cabling and connection system compatible with NMEA 2000, built specifically for the marine
environment comprising a powered single backbone with two terminators, one at each end.

The SeaTalk to SeaTalkng Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started with your SeaTalkng compatible Raymarine product.

The 5-way connector forms the start of your SeaTalkng backbone and your SeaTalkng product is connected via a Spur

What's in the kit?
  • A06064: SeaTalkng 5-way Connector
  • A06031: SeaTalkng Backbone Terminator (x2)
  • A06040: SeaTalkng Spur Cable 3M
  • A06049: SeaTalkng Power Cable
Cat. No. RM46574
Mfgr. No. T70134
Our Price  $91.99
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